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Transcend Travel miniCPAP - Starter System

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Travel miniCPAP - Starter System

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Sleep apnea doesn’t have to travel with you thanks to the Transcend Mini CPAP machine. Lightweight, compact and quiet, the Transcend Mini CPAP is an effective portable solution to fixed-pressure CPAP therapy for travelers. Capable of running on battery power, the Transcend Mini CPAP gives travelers the freedom to cut the cord, confident of a good night’s sleep wherever they might roam.

  • CPAP Therapy in the Palm of Your Hand

The Transcend Mini CPAP represents a practical CPAP option for travelers. Weighing less than a pound (15 ounces), the Transcend Mini CPAP is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s diminutive size and light weight makes it a discreet, space-saving addition to a traveler’s carry-on luggage or outdoor enthusiast’s backpack. It won’t draw lots of attention from its sound either, making only 29 dB of noise while in use.

The Transcend’s Mini moniker is well-earned, but its miniature dimensions doesn’t mean it lacks effectiveness. The Transcend Mini CPAP is fully capable of serving as an everyday CPAP therapy device and can administer continuous fixed-rate pressure up to 20 cmH2O. The Transcend CPAP also offers a convenient comfort-enhancing ramp feature, which initiates therapy at a reduced pressure to help patients ease into sleep before ramping up to the higher prescribed setting. The Mini CPAP is also fully compatible with the Transcend Heated Humidifier for enhanced climate control.

  • Go-Anywhere Travel CPAP Machine

The Transcend Mini CPAP can source battery power for 14-16 hours of cord-free CPAP therapy on a single charge. So all you outdoor enthusiasts can trek off the beaten path self-assured that the Transcend Mini CPAP can power at least a couple nights of sleep. Supplemental Transcend P8 Travel Battery modules can be swapped out to extend off-the-grid excursions, or you can recharge batteries with the innovative Transcend Portable Solar Battery Charger. Outdoor enthusiasts can also head to the high country confident of accurate CPAP therapy because the Transcend Mini CPAP automatically adjusts for altitude up to 8000 feet. Altitude won’t be an issue for air travelers, but they can rest easy knowing the Transcend Mini CPAP is approved for inflight use by the FAA. Now if you have another sleepless red-eye flight, it won’t be because you had to leave the CPAP machine at home.


  • At 15 ounces, one of the lightest CPAP machines available
  • Compact hand-held design delivers truly portable CPAP therapy
  • Quiet 29 dB of noise while operating
  • Ramp function, adjustable from 0–45 minutes
  • Battery can power 14–16 hours of CPAP therapy
  • Altitude adjustment up to 8000 feet
  • Accommodates all CPAP mask types
  • Compatible with optional Transcend Heated Humidifier
  • TranSync data management*

In The Box

  • Transcend Mini CPAP
  • Universal AC power supply
  • 6-foot CPAP hose (standard size)
  • Universal hose adapter
  • Transcend filter
  • Convenient travel bag
  • 3-year warranty

Take your CPAP therapy on the road with the Transcend Mini CPAP. Enjoying the benefits of sleep apnea therapy while traveling has never been easier or more convenient. Order the Transcend Travel Mini CPAP today at Sleep Direct.

*TranSync requires user account and patient opt in.

Part#: 503042

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Insurance Code(s) E0601
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Customer Reviews


I bought the machine for travel and I works great and is much smaller then the one I use at home. The sales rep was informative and helpful and they set the machine at the pressure my doctor prescribed.

Reviewed on 07/09/2015
long island, ny
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Transcend is exactly what I needed!

This machine is exactly what I needed! The size is extremely compact compared to my at home machine. The machine itself is a little louder than i'm used to but for a portable machine it's extremely quiet. Great for any kind of travel!

Reviewed on 09/11/2014
Carl H.
454 out of 889 customers found this review helpful.
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