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Transcend 3 Auto Travel CPAP

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Transcend 3 Auto Travel CPAP with EZEX


Try it risk-free for 60 nights! (Please note, this unit does not have an LCD screen)

The new Transcend 3 Auto Travel CPAP with EZEX pressure relief maintains the small, lightweight build you’ve come to expect in a Transcend miniCPAP with upgraded features like a modern design, flat silicone base for more stability, and a swivel nozzle for a better CPAP experience.

Built for Travel

The Transcend 3 miniCPAP is a rugged little CPAP designed for travel and the bumps that happen along the road. This robust mini CPAP gives you the freedom to travel AND sleep well no matter where you go or how tough the terrain. About the size of a soda can, and weighing just a pound, the Transcend 3 miniCPAP is easy to pack and carry on your next trip. It’s even FAA-approved so you can sleep comfortably on a plane. And you can add a battery pack that’s about the size of a deck of cards for unlimited CPAP therapy.


  • Internal storage
  • Date Includes: Hours Used, AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index), Pressure Levels, and Leak Detection.
  • Date Viewing: On Screen Report, Windows MiniCPAP Software (Optional)


  • Upgraded design - modern look, flat grippy silicone base, swivel nozzle
  • Small- about the size of a soda can
  • Lightweight- weighs just a pound
  • Quiet- <30 dBA
  • Battery-powered CPAP therapy for restful sleep anywhere (Battery optional)
  • DC and Solar Charging options for off-grid power
  • FAA approved for in-flight use
  • Includes a padded travel bag
  • Use any mask or tube
  • Functional features for easy travel and international use
  • Transcend EZEX exhalation pressure relief drops

In The Box

  • Transcend 3 Auto Device
  • Travel Bag for Transcend CPAP Machines
  • 6 Foot 19mm Standard Hose
  • Mini USB Cord
  • Quick Guide
  • AC Power Supply
  • International Plug Adapter Pack

Product Downloads

Warranty 3 years
Pressure Range 4-20 cmH2O
Operation Modes Auto or CPAP mode
Sound Pressure Level 30 dBA
AC Power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
DC Compatible Yes, overnight and multi-night battery (optional)
Dimensions 7.4 x 3.7 x 3.7
Weight 1lbs
Manufacturer Somnetics International, Inc.
MSRP $795.00  You Save: 12.6%

4 Reviews

Customer Reviews


Love My Transcend 3 Auto Travel CPAP!

I have used this travel CPAP on several trips with the HDM filter for moisture. It works great! The first night my nose actually ran a little when I woke up. But after that, my nose never ran. I haven't had a problem with my nose being dry. It makes a faint noise compared to my home CPAP machine (which doesn't make any noise). But the noise is no problem. It is so much smaller that it takes up less room in my carry-on luggage, which I like, especially for mission trips. I bought a battery with it to use when I go camping, but I haven't been camping yet. I would buy this CPAP machine again! I got it for a very good price on sale.

Reviewed on 08/06/2022
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Great little travel CPAP

I just got home from a 3 week trip. The Transcend 3 performed admirably. In some ways I prefer it to my Dreamstation. It packs so lightly and takes so little room, and it is both gentle and effective in operation. My only gripe, and this is petty, is that the on-off button could be easier to find by feel. But that only takes off, maybe 0.1 from my overall 5 star rating. When hurricanes come to my neighborhood, as they often do, and I go on emergency power, I'll use this machine because it draws so little current. My battery (a Bluetti EB70, not the one that is offered with this CPAP) will last forever.

Reviewed on 07/26/2021
North Carolina
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Quality build and good value for travel or backup CPAP

I normally at home use a larger auto CPAP with humidifier an O2 supplementation, however that system is difficult to travel with so when the price dropped on the Transcend product I ordered one. It is a solid, quality product and should last for years. It is truly "plug and play" as pressure is automatically adjusted and exhale relief is set to mid range. You will need professional help to activate ramp or adjust presets. I have been able to utilize my current nasal pillow mask. The unit itself is almost silent when operating, however, on start up there is a very noticeable air rushing noise from the mask on inhalations. The noise slowly fades as the CPAP adjust to my breathing. If up at night for water or bathroom I have found simply removing the mask without shutting down will minimize the sound. I believe this is more a fault of the mask rather than the CPAP. There is a PC program available which I have downloaded and appears will provide a lot of information, but I have yet to really make use of it. All in all I am pleased with the product and it certainly packs well for travel.

Reviewed on 04/10/2021
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Nice size

Tried it out before our trip. It’s pretty quiet & worked great.

Reviewed on 04/01/2021
12 out of 13 customers found this review helpful.
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