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ResMed AirMini™ Travel CPAP

With P10 Mask Pack (Mask included)
With N20 Set up Pack (Mask not included)
With F20 Set up Pack (Mask not included)
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AirMini™ Travel CPAP


AirMini™ is the world’s smallest CPAP, packed with proven ResMed technologies and features, like waterless humidification, designed to deliver a quality therapy experience anywhere.


  • Features the same proven ResMed device algorithms
  • ActiveAir™ technology allows it to be small, quiet and comfortable
  • Effective waterless humidification1 for portable convenience*
  • Convenient control with the AirMini™ app
  • Premium travel bag and accessories for therapy on the go

ActiveAir™ Technology

This crucial technology caps therapy flow while still increasing therapy pressure, which allows the system to be smaller, quieter and more efficient without compromising on therapy delivery or pressure swings.

A Fully Integrated System

AirMini™ is more than just a portable CPAP, it’s a turnkey solution for therapy on the go. The AirMini™ device and setup pack, optimized AirFit™ masks and AirMini™ app give patients what they need to bring high-quality therapy along no matter where life takes them.

Convenient Control With The AirMini™ App

It’s quick and easy to apply settings to AirMini™ from your or your patient’s smart device. Simply access the clinical menu in the AirMini™ app and choose from therapy mode, pressure, EPR and Ramp to make your changes.

In the Box

  • AirMini™
  • HumidX™ and HumidX™ Plus waterless humidifier and tubing
  • External 20W power supply
  • Travel pouch

Only the P10 for AirMini, the N20 with Setup Pack and the F20 with Setup Pack are compatible with the AirMini. NO OTHER MASK IS COMPATIBLE. Further, at this time, the HumidX does not work with the F20.

AirMini Tube 6'2" long
Aircraft use ResMed confirms that the AirMini CPAP machine meets FAA requirements for all phases of air travel.
Altitude Compensation Automatic
Bluetooth Yes
Dimensions 5.4 x 3.3 x 2.0 inches
AC (Wall) Power 20W
Smart Start Yes
Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) Yes
Electrical Requirements 100-240V
Insurance Code E0601
Weight 0.66 pounds
Modes AutoSet, AutoSet for her, CPAP 4-20 cm H2O
MSRP $880.00 

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Customer Reviews


Incredible for its size

I travel 35-40 weeks per year and have been watching and considering every travel apap that hits the market. I tried a Z1 but returned it after a week. I have spoken at length with users of pretty much everything out there. My normal machine is a Resmed s10, which I have been lugging all over the world. I received my Resmed Air Mini yesterday and after only 1 night I know that I have found my solution! The machine itself is almost COMPLETELY silent. The air pillow mask (P10) with a standard HumidX cartridge provides about the same level of humidity as my S10 on the "2" setting...perfect for me. Set up is EXTREMELY simple from an app you download. I use iPhone but they also have an Android app. The mask is ever so slightly noisier than with my S10 (low white noise, no Darth Vader). The unit took absolutely no getting used to. It is so small and light that my only concern is pulling it off of the nightstand. I happily deal with that to now have room in my carry on luggage for sneakers!

Reviewed on 06/15/2017
Greeley Colorado
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