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HDM Z1 Auto Travel APAP Machine with Z-Breathe™

MSRP 549.00
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This product has been discontinued, but a newer version is available.

HDM Z2 Auto Travel APAP Machine with Z-Breathe™

$489.00 msrp $799.00

Z1 Travel CPAP Machine with Z-Breathe™ (15-Day Trial)


Lightweight and compact, the Z1 Auto from HDM delivers effective sleep apnea therapy for patients on the go. The Z1 Auto machine builds off the success of the standard HDM Z1 CPAP with the enhanced feature of auto-adjusting pressure regulation to meet real-time patient needs. Teamed with the fully-integrated PowerShell battery back, the Z1 Auto CPAP can deliver a full night of cord-free therapy on a single battery charge. This is AutoPAP (also known as APAP) therapy made mobile – the perfect solution for campers and outdoor enthusiasts with sleep apnea.

  • Automatic Pressure Adjustments

The Z1 Auto adapts to your breathing patterns and adjusts pressure based on immediate requirements. This constant feedback and adjustment allows the Z1 Auto to deliver the minimal effective pressure required to maintain the airway, rather than a fixed higher pressure setting like a standard CPAP machine. The result is a less intrusive, more natural breathing experience for the patient.

  • Compact, Lightweight and Quiet

Weighing in at 10.4 ounces, the Z1 Auto is one of the lightest Auto CPAP machines on the market. The Z1 Auto is also one of the quietest machines available, registering 26 dBA in operation. And it’s one of the smallest, with dimensions about the size of a soda can. While durable enough to serve as an everyday plug-in APAP machine, the Z1 Auto’s compact, handheld size is ideal for travel. A convenient and discreet stowaway in an overnight bag or carry-on, the Z1 Auto is FAA-approved for inflight use.

  • Integrated PowerShell Battery

The Z1 Auto integrates seamlessly with the optional PowerShell™ battery system for cordless AutoPAP performance. A fully-charged battery promises 8 hours of off-the-grid performance from the Z1 Auto. And the Z1 lithium-ion battery modules can be easily swapped out, so purchasing extra batteries means more nights away from home for all you outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Nitelog Mobile App

The Nitelog™ mobile app for IOS allows you to sync and download data from your Z1 Auto via Bluetooth. You can share data with your doctor from the app. The Nitelog app also lets you use your phone as a remote for the Z1 Auto.

The Z1 Auto is designed and assembled in the USA, and is backed by a 3–year warranty. It comes equipped with a disposable filter, as well as an HME (Humidification Moisture Exchanger), with the latter connecting between the CPAP mask and tube and serving as a waterless humidification system (an HME lasts for 5–7 days before it needs replacement). The Z1 Auto also includes a USB cable, travel pouch, AC power supply and 4’ Slim-Style tubing.


  • Extremely lightweight at 10.4 ounces (295 grams)
  • Compact design fits in one hand
  • Advanced Auto algorithm learns and responds to your breathing
  • Z-Breathe™ delivers more natural breathing experience
  • Leak compensation automatically compensates for minor air leakage
  • FAA-approved for in-flight use
  • Nitelog™ Mobile App with seamless syncing through built-in Bluetooth™
  • Optional PowerShell™ battery can power 8 hours cord-free therapy
  • Approved by the FAA for in-flight use

In The Box

  • Z1 Auto CPAP Machine
  • 4 Foot Slim-Style tube
  • CPAP filter
  • Hose tube adapter
  • Drawstring carry pouch
  • AC power supply (auto-switching for international travel)
  • USB cable
  • 1 Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME)
  • User instructions
  • 3-year warranty

Don’t leave your sleep apnea therapy behind while traveling. The convenient Z1 Auto makes life on the road a more restful affair. Shop for the HDM Z1 Auto CPAP machine today at Sleep Direct.

Rx Required

Part#: HD60-1007

Product Downloads

Operating Temperature 5 - 35 degrees Celsius (41 to 95 degrees F)
Sound Pressure Level 26 dBA or less
AC Power Cord Length 10 Feet 4 Inches
AC (Wall) Power AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
Therapy Modes APAP, CPAP, Ramp
Weight 7.9 oz
Warranty 3 years
Insurance Code(s) E0601
Altitude Adjustment Automatic Up To 8000 Feet
Dimensions 6.3″L x 3.5″W x 2″H
Pressure 4-20 cmH2o
MSRP $549.00 

9 Reviews

Customer Reviews



I'm so happy with my new c-pap machine. I love to travel and hated dragging along my big, bulky, heavy c-pap machine. My new Z1 Auto Travel Machine is a dream come true. It fits in the palm of my hand and can be placed in my suitcase without any problems. I would highly recommend the Z1.

Reviewed on 05/22/2017
56 out of 95 customers found this review helpful.
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Works as expected

The unit is a little noisy as the reviews said. It starts on low pressure and it really can't be heard on low. When I noticed the noise was the first morning when I woke. After a few nights I really didn't notice it any more. I purchased the Qtube and the small tubing. I seemed to think it is quieter with the normal large tuning so I quit using the small. I like the Bluetooth interface with the phone. The app allows you to get trends on how you sleep after syncing. The app isn't made to launch aircraft but it serves my needs for the APAP. I was on the fence about purchasing but I'm glad I took the plunge. The size is amazing... so much easier to travel with. Over all very pleased so far. I would purchase again and recommend to anyone. If it's within your purchase range and your not a super light sleeper... like everything wakes you up... go for it!! You won't regret it! Hope this helps!

Reviewed on 03/16/2017
David J
83 out of 137 customers found this review helpful.
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Love the little

I am so happy with my travel z71 APAP❣ It is a great little machine and as quiet as my Resmed Airsense 10, and so convenient to pack and go places now. It makes going places so much easier now as I spend nights away from home with parents that are needing me. I use nasal pillow as I don't care for masks and it works excellent!

Reviewed on 12/04/2016
257 out of 499 customers found this review helpful.
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Perfect machine for traveling!

Easy to assemble, easy to pack and same therapy results from my ResMed machine. I used the Z1 on a guided tour. Great! I highly recommend the Z1!!!

Reviewed on 09/27/2016
284 out of 539 customers found this review helpful.
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Long-term use

Almost 12 months using Z1 Auto. Have bigger travel CPAP, but retired it. This fits in my carry-on, has 8-hrs battery and works. Easily set-up. Recent firmware upgrade to eliminate over-rev. Complete app for data-management and reporting. I travel over 20K mi/yr, and have used this in homes, cars, RVs, motels, and over nite with battery only on my deck. I even used it in Cardio ICU after stenting! That's right, battery powered it is hospital-safe.

IF you are active, travel a lot, and have to handle your own luggage, this is the one.

Reviewed on 04/03/2016
Sixty-years Nerd
West Coast
406 out of 789 customers found this review helpful.
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Great Travel Machine

The Z1 is a great little machine. Coupled with the HME! It does the job quite well. I use the machine 3-4 nights per week, every week, while traveling by air in the US and abroad. As indicated by others, it is slightly noisier than many of the larger machines, however the noise is manifested at the mostly at the mask. I use a Resmed P10 nasal pillow and it is only very slightly noisier than with my PR System One. If you travel just a few times a year, this solution can be pretty costly. I travel 45-50 weeks a year, sometimes with segments on regional aircraft. I can place this device in my business backpack or laptop bag and carry it on any aircraft without worrying about gate checked luggage, etc. I do look forward to HDM improving their compliance software and porting to Apple OSX. Do be sure you understand the difference in data collection between the Z1 EZ Breathe and the Z1 Auto, as the Auto does collect and display more incident data. Overall a 4.5 instead of 5 because of the needed compliance software improvements.

Reviewed on 03/05/2016
396 out of 766 customers found this review helpful.
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the z1 is amazingly portable and works great

very compact for travel and works as well as a regular size cpap. took it on a trip and did not take up as much space as my previous cpap. didnt have a problem setting it up. love it. slept like a baby

Reviewed on 02/17/2016
393 out of 761 customers found this review helpful.
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Overall a great little machine

Wish I had got this machine years ago. It's so compact. Its a little loud on the exhale, but something you get used to

Reviewed on 01/02/2016
393 out of 760 customers found this review helpful.
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Works great but it's loud

It works great in helping you sleep and reducing your AHI. Love the iPhone app and its bluetooth connection to the device so you can personally monitor your own sleep and also inform your doctor of your results. Really good stuff!

Only issue for me is that the device is loud compared to may other CPAP. I can still fall asleep and it hasn't really gotten in the way, but it is annoying and takes a few minutes to get over. I just ordered a muffler that HDM is offering to see if it addresses this issue, however, this should have been built into the device and not an afterthought resulting in extra cost but more importantly extra pieces to carry for a travel device.

This device is great for travelers and I would have rated it a 5.0 if it were not for the noise.

Reviewed on 12/17/2015
444 out of 797 customers found this review helpful.
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