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Sunset Healthcare Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of respiratory healthcare equipment, including CPAP products as well as oxygen therapy supplies like tubing and cannulas. Find Sunset CPAP equipment and nasal cannulas for oxygen therapy available today.

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Sunset Healthcare Oxygen Enrichment Adapter

$4.95 msrp $9.95 Save 50%

Oxygen Enrichment Adapter. 22mm with 6mm barbed rotating system. Used for oxygen bleed-in.

Sunset Healthcare Universal CPAP Machine In-Line Bacteria Filter (5-pack)

$19.95 msrp $32.00 Save 37%

A universal CPAP machine bacteria filter has been shown to greatly improve the symptoms of CPAP users suffering from allergies. The bacteria filter cleans the air as it is expelled from a CPAP or Bilevel (BiPAP) machine.

Sunset Healthcare NEB200 Handheld Compressor Nebulizer

$65.00 msrp $75.00 Save 13%

The NEB200 Handheld Compressor Nebulizer is designed to provide a compressed air source to aerosolize physician-prescribed liquid medication.

Sunset Healthcare Adult Cannula with 7ft Supply Tube

$2.95 msrp $3.95 Save 25%

Adult Cannula with 7 ft. supply tube.

Sunset Healthcare Adult Cannula with 15ft Supply Tube

$4.25 msrp $4.95 Save 14%

Adult Cannula with 15 ft. supply tube.

  • 1-5 of 5 Results