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Prescription Policy

All sleep therapy machines, masks, and humidifiers are defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Class II Medical Devices and require a valid prescription before your order can be shipped. You do not need a prescription for other items such as machine filters, tubes, accessories and components, however some insurance companies may desire proof of prescription before reimbursing for these items.

Prescription FAQs

How do I get a prescription?

Once you have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, you can obtain a prescription for the use of PAP equipment from your personal physician.

How do I submit my prescription?

To submit a prescription, do one of the following:

• Email a copy (a legible, phone camera photo is acceptable) to:

• Fax the prescription to: 503-296-2219

• Mail a copy of the prescription to: 900 SW Fifth Ave., #1825 Portland, OR 97204

Once we receive a valid prescription, your order will be processed and the item(s) will be shipped out.


You’ll receive the same brands, masks, and quality components you’ve come to expect. The only difference is that each part will be individually packaged. Its that simple. We hope this minor change will provide each of you with a faster, easier shopping experience.

  • Why Does The FDA Require A Prescription?

The FDA classifies CPAP devices as Class II medical devices with possible risks. Therefore, a doctor must approve your need for the device and provide a prescription in order for you to make a purchase.

  • Is Getting A Mask Without a Prescription Legal?

Yes. You will be receiving a mask kit considered to be CPAP accessories instead of a device. All of the same parts will arrive as the prescription required mask, just packaged differently.

  • How Do I assemble My Mask?

Each CPAP mask kit will arrive with easy to follow instructions to help you instantly put your mask together.

  • Can I Get A Mask That Requires A Prescription?

Our kit bundles include the exact same items as the kits that require a prescription.