Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Reusable Filter (2-pack) |

Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Reusable Filter (2-pack)

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DreamStation Go Reusable Filter

The DreamStation Go Travel CPAP from Philips Respironics comes equipped with a washable filter as a standard feature. The 100% polyester filter is durable and reusable, providing DreamStation Go patients with a reliable, cost-effective filter solution for up to six months. Keep your DreamStation Go running at optimal efficiency and effectiveness by ordering a replacement reusable filter right here at Sleep Direct. Cost-effective solution

DreamStation Go Reusable Filter Features:

  • Washable 100% polyester filter offers up to six months durability
  • 88% efficient filtering at 7-10 micron
  • Filters out troublesome particles like household dust and pollen.
Washable, Durable Filter

Two filter options are available for the DreamStation Go Travel CPAP machine, including the reusable filter that comes standard or the DreamStation Go disposable filters. The standard issue filter is composed of 100% polyester material. Philips claims the reusable filter is 88% efficient at filtering particles at 7-10 microns. While not as effective at screening fine particulates as the disposable filter (95% Efficient @ 0.5-0.7 micron size), the reusable filter takes care of the most common troublesome contaminants/irritants, like dust and pollen.

The reusable filter for the DreamStation Go is also more durable, offering up to six months of use before replacement. Patients only need to rinse with warm tap water at least once every two weeks to ensure clean running for their DS Go. (Philips cautions that the reusable filter should be completely dry before reinstalling.)

In the Box:

  • Two DreamStation Go reusable filters

Don’t let your DreamStation Go get clogged with old, inefficient filters. Order replacement reusable DreamStation Go filters today right here at Sleep Direct.

Compatible only with the DreamStation Go Travel Machine

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