Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Disposable Filter (6 Pack) |

Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Disposable Filter (6 Pack)

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DreamStation Go Disposable Filters

The DreamStation Go disposable filter offers CPAP patients a cleaner, more effective filter option. The synthetic fiber filters screen out particulate matter down to 0.5-0.7 microns, giving DreamStation Go patients peace of mind. The extra filtering requires regular replacement, with a new disposable filter needed every 30 days or sooner, depending on debris accumulation or damage. Make sure your CPAP therapy runs as clean as possible with a six-pack of replacement disposable filters for the DreamStation Go CPAP machine.

DreamStation Go Disposable Filter Features:

  • Filters out particulates down to 0.5-0.7 microns
  • Synthetic fiber filter is 95% efficient and provides cleaner air than standard reusable filter
  • Filter six-pack provides up to six months of enhanced filtering performance
  • Extra clean filter beneficial for patients sensitive to tobacco smoke and other irritants
Disposable Filter Provides Cleaner Air

In order to run effectively, the DreamStation Go requires the installation of one of the two available filters: a washable reusable filter or disposable fabric filter. Constructed of synthetic fiber, the optional disposable filters actually scrub more particles than the DreamStation Go reusable filter. In fact, the disposable filter screens out quite a bit more, filtering particulates down to 0.5-0.7 microns compared to 7-10 microns. According to the DreamStation Go manufacturer, Philips Respironics, the extra fine filtering makes the disposable filter “”recommended for people who are sensitive to tobacco smoke or other small particles.”

The DreamStation Go disposable filter requires replacement every 30 days. Replacement time may be sooner if the filter is damaged or excessive debris accumulates. Thankfully, the advanced features on the DreamStation Go Travel machines include a “check filter” warning if the machine detects clogs or performance issues. (Philips Respironics warns that disposable filters should NOT be washed, rinsed or reused). These disposable filters are only compatible with the DreamStation Go Travel Auto and CPAP machines.

In the Box:

  • Six disposable DreamStation Go fabric filters

Enjoy the cleanest air possible with your DreamStation Go by purchasing DreamStation Go replacement filters today at Sleep Direct.

Only compatible with the DreamStation Go Travel Machines

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