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HDM Extended Life Battery Module for Z1 and Z2

PowerShell and Z1 APAP not included
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Extended Life Battery Module for the PowerShell® for the Z1 or Z2

NOTE: This is a replacement battery only and does not include the Z1 and Z2 CPAP Machine or PowerShell cradle.

The Extended Life Battery fits the PowerShell® for Z1 and Z2 and is the smallest integrated CPAP battery available. It holds twice the charge of the original. Free factory firmware upgrades to your existing PowerShell lets you keep your old PowerShell to charge the new battery.

The Extended Life Battery from HDM is a rechargeable battery that integrates with the PowerShell® for the Z1 and Z2 and is the smallest integrated CPAP battery option on the market. The Extended Life Battery has twice the capacity of the original battery.

Take it on the plane for overseas travel, in your backpack for overnight camping or in your saddle bag for a motorcycle road trip. Take your CPAP therapy anywhere you want to go.


  • Battery technology: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 4S2P
  • Battery capacity: 99.4 Wh (Watt hours)
  • Weight: 15.5 oz (440g)
  • Lifetime: approximately 300 charge / discharge cycle
  • Estimated run time: Manufacturer testing shows that the Extended Life Battery will power a Z1 or Z2 CPAP at the highest settings (20 cmH2O, Z-Breathe 3) for 8.9 hours. These results were obtained via bench testing under simulated operating conditions. Lower pressures will result in longer battery operating time. Actual run time may vary due to machine settings, machine pressure, and personal breathing.
  • Warranty period: 6 months

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Dimensions 4 x 3 x 2 in
Voltage 14.4v
Battery Lithium Ion, Rechargeable
Capacity/Density 45Wh
Insurance Code(s) E1399
Weight 15.5 oz
Recharge Time Up to 8 Hours When Fully Depleted (Typical Per Battery) Hours
Lifespan Approximately 300 charge / discharge cycle
MSRP $409.00  You Save: 17.1%