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Fisher & Paykel Eson™ 2 Replacement Headgear

Eson 2 Optional Headgear
Eson 2 Headgear
The Eson 2 Nasal Mask utilizes F&P’s RollFit Seal technology, along with 20 other design updates from the original Eson nasal mask.
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Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Replacement Headgear

The Eson 2 headgear showcases a number of updates in Fisher & Paykel’s revamped CPAP nasal mask design. In fact, F&P claims 20 upgrades for the second-generation Eson 2 nasal mask, with the Eson 2 headgear featuring all-new VisiBlue Highlights and a more intuitive, user-friendly design.

Updated, Intuitive Design

The updated Eson 2 headgear focuses on ease-of-use, with improved ergonomics and quick-adjusting fasteners. A proper fitting headgear is critical to a CPAP mask’s performance, as well as for patient comfort, and the Eson 2 headgear offers six adjuster tabs to cinch down or release pressure for ideal fit. The adjusters are located in pairs at the crown and brow, with two tabs flanking the Eson 2 mask itself. The latter adjustment tabs are attached to the mask via detachable clips, which allow patients to put the Eson 2 mask on via traditional clip method.

VisiBlue Highlights

The Eson 2 headgear features a new stretchable panel, easily identifiable by its blue coloring. This distinctive feature is part of the Eson 2 mask’s VisiBlue highlights, visual cues that highlight the movable parts in the mask design. The Eson 2 headgear’s stretchable VisiBlue panel lets patients pull down a pre-adjusted Eson 2 mask assembly directly over their head for more simplified and convenient fitment option.

Replacement Eson 2 headgear is available in two sizes: Small and Medium/Large (to fit the corresponding mask seal sizes). Both replacement headgear sizes are compatible with the Eson 2 mask frame.

Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Headgear Features:

  • Revised ergonomics and easy-to-adjust fasteners
  • New VisiBlue highlights identify stretchable panel for simplified overhead fitment option

Purchase a replacement Eson 2 headgear to get the most out of your Eson 2 CPAP therapy. Find affordable Eson 2 replacement headgear for sale and ready to ship at

Important Note: It is recommended that patients replace their CPAP headgear every 3–6 months, or as needed when headgear elasticity becomes too loose to maintain a proper fit and mask seal.

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