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Adaptive Sound Technologies SOUND+SLEEP Mini

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SOUND+SLEEP Mini offers 12 different categories with 48 sounds specially designed and engineered for better sleep and rejuvenation. The SOUND+Sleep has the ability to run on AC, USB, or battery power, making it ideal for travel. Also with the line input connection the MINI can play music or audio directly from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

The SOUND+SLEEP Mini reinvigorates the science of sleep. Exclusive “Adaptive Sound™ technology can automatically “listen” to your environment continuously and without interruption for unwanted and disruptive background noise. In less than a tenth of a second, the MINI can react to sleep disrupting noises by modifying sound patterns and changing volume levels to compensate for outside sounds, ensuring you get the rest you need.

SOUND+SLEEP Mini is the ultimate solution to increase your sleep, relaxation, and replenishment for your mind and body–with a cost less than one month of sleep medication.


  • SOUND+SLEEP Mini offers 12 distinct categories with 48 unique sounds engineered to promote deeper sleep and relaxation.
  • Able to run from AC, USB, or battery power, it is perfect for the traveler.
  • Also with the line input jack the Mini can play music or audio from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or MP3 player.
  • Adaptive Sound™ listens and responds to your environment
  • Small, sleek and stylish functional design
  • Upward facing speakers for full room high-definition sound
  • Display lights can be turned on or off for easy nighttime operation
  • Sleep Timer can be set for gentle turn off in 30, 60, or 90 minutes or left on all night
  • Sound Richness control for deeper more complex sound profiles
  • Option to run off 4 AA batteries for long life and use while on the go
  • Audio line out and in for listening via headphones or connecting your device
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