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ResMed AirFit P10 for Her Nasal Pillows System

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AirFit™ P10 for Her Nasal Pillows System


The ResMed AirFit™ P10 For Her Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear is both quiet and lightweight. It builds on the success found in the Swift™ FX nasal pillow design. This is a nasal pillow mask with the nasal pillows sealing directly against the opening of the nose.


  • Woven-mesh QuietAir™ Venting

ResMed took a fresh and quiet approach to venting exhalation with QuietAir™. The unique woven-mesh defuses the exhaled air to reduce disturbance to the user or bed partner. The AirFit™ is 50% quieter than the ResMed Swift FX.

  • Color Coded Dual-Wall Pillow Design

The proven seal and reliability featured in the Swift™ FX is found in the AirFit™. The dual wall design supports the seal of the nasal pillow against the opening of the nose. The pillow easily snaps onto the mask frame after cleaning. Pillow orientation is clearly marked with the size indicator and “R” / “L” stamped on the bottom of each nasal pillow set. Additionally, the pillow frame has embossed or raised letter along the top of the frame to help in correct fitting in a darkened room. The AirFit™ For Her includes three color-coded pillow sizes - Extra Small (pink), Small (clear) and Medium (gray).

  • QuickFit™ Elastic Headgear

ResMed designed the QuickFit™ Headgear in a two toned elastic fabric requiring no fasteners or clips. It features a split strap allowing the user to easily adjust the fit. Spreading the lower and upper strap apart loosens the fit and moving them closer together provides a tighter fit. The gray side of the headgear is worn facing out, with the pink side facing in. The AirFit™ stabilizer frame slides into the button hole on the gray side of the headgear.

  • Lightweight & Easy Care

The AirFit™ improves on the Swift FX Nasal Pillow mask with a quiet and lightweight design with minimal facial contact. It is made up of 3 parts which are easily cleaned and reassembled. The AirFit™ weighs just 1.6 ounces, 50% less than ResMed Swift FX.

  • Lightweight Flexi-Tube

The AirFit™ flexi-tube is allows for ease of movement during sleep without disrupting the nasal pillow seal. The lightweight hose is designed to avoid drag on the mask and limits seal disruption. The flexi-tube is permanently attached to the AriQuiet™ vent assembly. Total hose length, including swivel, is 17 inches.

  • For Her Design & Size

ResMed offers a feminine touch for the AirFit™ For Her with the QuickFit™ dusky pink elastic headgear. The included nasal pillows sizes of Extra Small, Small and Medium meet the needs of a smaller facial structure.

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Customer Reviews


ResMed AirFit P10 for Her

After trying four different types of masks, This is a mask I can live with. I have a small nose and the smaller size nasal pillows are the first ones I have found to fit comfortably. I no longer fight with air leaks in the middle of the night every time I turn my head. I also like the diffuse air filter. This mask gives off a very light amount of air as opposed to other masks that blow a strong stream of air that I found cold and distracting as I tried to sleep. The mask is pretty quiet. The straps are also the smallest I have found yet, they stay in place better than larger models. This is the mask for people who do not like masks on their faces. My only issue is that it seems to me that I have to breath a little harder when using the mask. I am not sure if this is the fault of the mask or my air pressure setting on my CPAP. It is hard to explain this sensation but, it is a little more difficult to breathe in as the air flow goes into my nose. Eventually I get used to it and seem to sleep thru the night for the most part. If you hate having a CPAP mask on your face at night, I would definitely give this one a try..

Reviewed on 12/08/2016
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I wanted to try these, I was using a small nasal mask. I love this one, very comfortable and so quiet.

Reviewed on 09/23/2016
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Nasal Pillow System

I prefer this type over a mask, I felt constricted with a face mask. This is as comfortable as you can get having to sleep with something on your face. As long as you select the right size for yourself. If takes getting used to. But its worth the good night sleep..

Reviewed on 02/21/2016
342 out of 680 customers found this review helpful.
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