ResMed AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask Assembly Kit |

ResMed AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask Assembly Kit

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ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face Mask Assembly Kit


The ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face Mask delivers reliable, effective CPAP therapy without sacrificing patient comfort. The compact design utilizes ResMed’s familiar Spring Air cushion mated to an all-new frame that provides AirFit F10 patients an open field of vision. A quick-release elbow, quiet diffusion venting and intuitive assembly round out an impressive full face mask that customers prefer over their previous masks. In fact, ResMed hails the AirFit F10 as lighter, quieter and more comfortable than its own traditional full face mask designs.

ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face Mask Features:

  • Dual-wall Spring Air cushion provides secure seal and enhanced comfort
  • Intuitive four-piece design with easy assembly and disassembly for hassle-free cleaning
  • Sturdy frame design without forehead support delivers clear field of vision free from distractions
  • Four cushion sizes available (Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large) to fit wide variety of patients
  • Noise-reducing circular diffused venting evenly disperses exhalation airflow
  • Quick-release elbow hose connection for easy cleaning and disassembly
Dual-Wall Spring Air Cushion

ResMed’s Spring Air cushion is a tried and tested design, having been featured on several of the company’s full face masks. The AirFit F10 cushion incorporates a dual-wall design, which gently inflates a layer of air between the two walls. This air cushion creates optimal pressure distribution throughout the mask contact area, ensuring a secure seal without compromising comfort.

Four cushion sizes (Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large) are available for the AirFit F10 mask. Fortunately, ResMed makes it easy to determine the best cushion size beforehand thanks to its convenient AirFit F10 Sizing Guide. ResMed also produces the AirFit F10 for Her, which delivers the same performance as the standard version with different color styling and smaller size options.

Spring Frame Offers an Open View

The AirFit F10’s spring frame design effectively anchors the cushion in place without the forehead support required on more conventional full face CPAP masks. When teamed with the AirFit F10’s seamless, soft-edged headgear (not included), the frame assembly provides a comfortable yet stable platform for your CPAP therapy. The enhance spring frame also treats AirFit F10 patients to a more open field of vision. So now you can wind down before bed by reading a book or watching TV without the distraction of bulky CPAP equipment spoiling the view.

Quiet Running with Circular Diffused Venting

The AirFit F10 features circular diffused venting – a series of tiny vents that encircle the connection point of the mask and quick-release elbow. These numerous vents evenly disperse exhalation airflow away from the patient in a multitude of directions, thereby reducing the distracting noise of exhaust draft.

Intuitive Design for Easy Fit and Assembly

ResMed’s advanced CPAP technology and engineering know-how are showcased in the AirFit F10 mask, yet it remains a deceptively simple and easy-to-operate design. The intuitive four-piece system, which includes a convenient quick-release elbow, makes mask assembly and disassembly fast and easy. The AirFit F10 also features simple adjusters and headgear attachment hooks to fine-tune fit. And ResMed backs up these easy-to-use claims with its own internal study data, where the majority of patients set-up and fitted their AirFit F10 mask assembly in under two minutes. These studies also saw patients rate the AirFit F10 easier to use, with 75% deeming the AirFit F10 more comfortable than ResMed’s own traditional full face CPAP masks.

The AirFit F10 mask is compatible with most CPAP, AutoPAP and BiLevel machines, including the popular ResMed AirSense 10 series (Elite, AutoSet and AutoSet for Her). The AirFit F10 full face mask also accommodates ResMed climate control accessories, like the ClimateLine Air heated tube and HumidAir heated humidifier.

In the Box:

  • AirFit F10 full face mask cushion
  • AirFit F10 mask frame
  • Quick-release elbow hose connection

Full face CPAP masks don’t have to be restrictive and uncomfortable. ResMed pitches its AirFit F10 as “the right fit for you.” So now is the time to see if they’re right! Order the AirFit F10 Full Face Mask Assembly Kit today at Sleep Direct.

Note: The AirFit F10 Headgear is not included in this assembly kit but can be added to your order via the dropdown menu (above Add to Cart button) or purchased separately.

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