Philips Respironics Amara™ View Mask without Headgear |

Philips Respironics Amara™ View Mask without Headgear

Amara View without headgear
Amara View without Headgear
Amara View full face mask
Amara View full face mask
Amara View with optional Standard headgear
Amara View with optional Standard headgear
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Amara View Mask without Headgear


The Philips Respironics Amara View mask delivers all the benefits of a full face CPAP mask in a compact and lightweight package. The Amara View puts patient comfort first, with its mask cushion resting lower on the face to alleviate pressure. The mask’s distinctively compact dimensions also earn the Amara View its name, as patients enjoy an open field of vision that conventional full face masks can’t match.

Philip Respironics Amara View Mask Features:

  • Compact design creates open field of vision unlike most full face mask designs
  • Minimal contact full face mask with claims as the smallest and lightest in its class
  • Rests lower on the patient’s face, avoiding the pressure points and red marks on bridge of nose that can curse traditional full face masks
  • Unencumbered space around eyes and nose enables easy use of glasses, as well as reading and watching television before bed
  • Sturdy frame compatible with available sizes of cushion (Large, Medium, Small) and headgear (Standard, Large)
Compact Full Face CPAP Mask

Take one glance at the Amara View and it’s obvious this isn’t your typical full face CPAP mask. While traditional full-face masks extend up to cover the nose, the Amara View rests much lower. The unique design makes for a remarkably lightweight and compact mask. In fact, Philips claims the Amara View beats all of its rivals in terms of size and weight, as the lightest and smallest full face CPAP mask available.

Patient Comfort Comes First

The compact dimensions of the Amara View mask mean less contact area with the patient’s face and a more comfortable CPAP experience overall. More importantly, the Amara View spares patients of any pressure on the bridge of the nose, with those uncomfortable pressure points and corresponding red indentations the biggest complaints plaguing conventional full face mask designs. So for patients who require a full face mask but have always struggled with comfort issues, the Amara View offers some well-deserved relief.

Distraction-Free Field of Vision

There’s a reason Philips calls its new full face mask the View, as the mask’s compact dimensions make for a wide field of vision free from distraction. Say goodbye to that pesky mask or cumbersome frame blocking your view while reading, watching television or tinkering on the tablet. Instead, Amara View patients enjoy a clear view before catching some Zs.

Find the Perfect Fit

The Amara View mask delivers a comfy yet secure fit with five adjustable headgear straps to anchor the mask into place, as well as a pair of convenient quick connect clips. Three cushion sizes are available (Small, Medium, Large), with patients able determine their appropriate cushion size before purchase by utilizing Philips Respironics’ handy Amara View Sizing Guide. The Amara View frame is compatible with all three cushion sizes, so replacement Amara View Mask Cushions are interchangeable should you want to sample a different size. Patients can further customize fit by selecting from the two Amara View Headgear sizes, available in Standard and Large.

Philip Respironics Amara View Mask Includes:
  • Amara View Full Face Mask cushion (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Amara View frame

Enjoy the benefits of a full face CPAP mask without any of the drawbacks thanks to the Amara View mask. See for yourself why the Amara View earns rave reviews and order the Amara View mask today at

Note: Headgear is not included for this Amara View Mask product, however, it can be added to your order by selecting the drop-down option above the Add to Cart button.

Part #’s: 1090632, 1090633, 1090634

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