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Circadiance SleepWeaver Élan Nasal Mask

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SleepWeaver Élan Nasal Mask


The SleepWeaver élan offers the proven comfort and convenience of an all cloth CPAP Mask in a small form factor. Like the original SleepWeaver, the élan is designed around a soft fabric cushion that inflates naturally during sleep therapy to provide a leak free seal with no pressure points. With no rigid mask frame, no forehead support, and no contact at the nasal bridge the SleepWeaver élan is a great solution for sleepers in any position as well as patients with facial hair.


  • Soft Cloth Cushion

The SleepWeaver élan’s cloth cushion inflates like a balloon during CPAP & BiPAP therapy pressing gently againts the face to create a soft, leak free seal with no pressure points. Because SleepWeaver cloth is breathable the mask feels cool and dry to wear and the fabric feels natural on the skin unlike the plastic and silicone of most CPAP mask solutions.

  • Lightweight & Flexible

Like all SleepWeaver masks the élan has no rigid plastic frame or silicone cushioning so the entire mask is lightweight and free to flex, bend, compress and move with you as you sleep. In addition the élan comes with a double swivel elbow so tubing can be channeled in any direction – over the head, down the chest, or to the side.

  • Smaller Is Better

The SleepWeaver élan reduces facial contact in several key areas. The cushion is smaller overall so no contact is made at the nasal bridge where CPAP & BiPAP users often experience sores and chafing. SleepWeaver élan’s low profile headgear design reduces strap contact on the face and eliminates forehead and overhead straps completely. It’s great for wearing glasses or watching TV because your field of vision is left completely free. élan headgear is adjustable to a wide range of faces and is easily adjusted even with the mask on.

  • Easy To Live With

The élan is Latex and Silicone Free so it’s great for allergy sufferers. The mask’s exhalation valve is made of a series of small holes so there is no direct stream of air to irritate bed partners and exhalation is very quiet. The soft cloth cushion is durable too, so it’s very easy to clean; just pop it in the washing machine with your own mild detergents or wash it by hand if you prefer. And if you ever need a replacement cushion they’re sold separately so you can just buy the parts you need.

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  • Mask/Cushion
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