ResMed AirTouch™ F20 Full Face Mask without Headgear |

ResMed AirTouch™ F20 Full Face Mask without Headgear

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ResMed AirTouch F20 Mask without Headgear


The ResMed AirTouch F20 mask sources a unique memory foam cushion that shatters comfort expectations for a full face CPAP mask. The AirTouch F20 cushion delivers a reliable mask seal secure enough handle high-pressure settings, yet the permeable foam material is also breathable. The innovative cushion creates a full face mask that excels in both performance and comfort! Factor in the AirTouch F20’s flexible under-eye frame, magnetic headgear clips and quick-release elbow, and you have a CPAP mask that makes patient comfort the number one priority.

AirTouch F20 Mask Features:

  • Memory foam cushion provides secure seal with unmatched comfort for a full face mask
  • Permeable foam material helps dissipate heat through breathable cushion seal
  • Flexible under-eye frame offers more open view
  • Quick-release elbow enables fast disconnection from CPAP tubing
  • Self-aligning magnetic headgear clips facilitate easy fitting process
UltraSoft Memory Foam Cushion

Striking the balance between comfort and effectiveness is a critical element of CPAP therapy. Traditionally, full face mask users have had to accept comfort drawbacks for performance gains for a variety of practical reasons, like the demands of a high CPAP pressure settings. Common complaints about full face masks include skin irritation, red marks, heat build-up and sweating. Thankfully, ResMed’s new AirTouch F20 cushion goes a long way towards changing these expectations.

ResMed developed the AirTouch F20’s UltraSoft memory foam cushion in consultation with more than 300 patients and clinicians. It provides a softer and more comfortable feel than conventional silicone cushions. The AirTouch memory foam creates a secure seal without excessive pressure, reducing red marks and skin irritation. The permeable foam material is also breathable, which helps dissipate the heat that can build up during extended use. Remarkably, this permeable/breathable foam layer still maintains a secure mask seal that can accommodate a wide range of CPAP pressures, including the high pressure prescriptions that drive some patients to a full face mask in the first place.

The AirTouch F20 cushion fits virtually any face size or shape. ResMed backs up this claim with data from its own internal research which saw the F20 successfully fit 98% of patients tested. The secret to this adaptive fit is the AirFit’s malleable foam, which conforms to the user’s unique facial contours for a reliable seal encircling the nose and mouth. ResMed offers a handy sizing guide to help patients determine which of the three available cushion sizes (Small, Medium, Large) will be the best match.

Flexible Under-eye Frame

The AirTouch F20 provides a more open view than typical full face masks thanks to its flexible modular frame, which rests on the cheeks well below the patient’s field of vision. The AirTouch F20 sources the same frame as its sibling design, the silicone-cushioned AirFit F20 full face mask, with the two F20 cushions interchangeable. The frame offers added comfort with its integrated padding and soft fabric interior, which mates to the plush headgear (the AirTouch F20 headgear is not included in this product listing, but can be added to the checkout cart or purchased separately).

Comfortable and User-Friendly

Several user-friendly features help make the AirTouch F20 mask not just a comfortable mask but a comfortable mask that’s incredibly easy to use. The quick-release elbow and self-aligning magnetic headgear clips enable speedy, hassle-free fitting and removal. The assembly and disassembly process is simple and straightforward. The same can be said of the cleaning process. The AirTouch cushion is particularly easy to clean as it requires only a daily wipedown from a non-alcoholic cleaning wipe, like the SoClean CPAP wipes (see important note below for special instructions when cleaning the AirTouch F20).

It’s also worth noting that patients can now bring the AirTouch F20’s full face mask comfort and performance with them when they’re away from home thanks to the new ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP machine. AirMini owners can make their F20 compatible with the AirMini F20 Setup Pack.

In the Box:

  • AirTouch cushion in selected size
  • Frame
  • Quick-release elbow

Experience the difference memory foam will make on your CPAP therapy with the AirTouch F20 mask. Purchase the AirTouch F20 mask without headgear today at Sleep Direct.

Headgear Not Included

Please note, according to ResMed, the Memory Foam Mask Cushion on the new AirTouch F20 should be cleaned by wiping it daily (not with soap and water). If you have a SoClean, please remove the Memory Foam Mask Cushion and place your mask frame & headgear in the SoClean unit to clean your system as usual.

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Customer Reviews


Memory Foam Mask

I am fairly new to CPAP use and have been struggling with finding a mask that would seal and be comfortable enough to sleep without the constant awareness of wareing a mask. I started with the full face Mirage mask which required me to sleep on my back and keep my head completely still. If I tiled my head even slightly it leaked. It was also bulky and very uncomfortable on my face. I tried the nasal FX model next and it was more comfortable and allowed some movement of my head but did not quite allow side sleeping. It was also easy to compromise the seal. In addition to this I use a dental appliance and have difficulty keeping my mouth closed which compromised the nasal mask. I tried a chin strap and even taping my mouth shut but that was only partly successful and even caused some panic attacks. Just when I was considering giving up on the whole process a friend told me about the Air Touch F20 with a memory foam seal. I ordered one and was able to adjust almost immediately. The foam seal seems to allow the mask to float on my face making it almost unnoticeable. The seal breaths slightly without leaking creating a sort of flexible seal that allows for head movement and side sleeping. I don't have to tighten the straps as much as with the silicone seal masks. It is important to set the mask carefully before going to bed but the flexibility allows for a margin of error and for the first time I have been able to sleep with the mask on 7 to 8 hours and am finally seeing the benefits of the therapy.

Reviewed on 09/17/2017
Austin, Texas
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Love at first breath

Had a Phillips full face gel mask which was very comfortable and I always got a good seal. Tried this memory foam and love it. Bought the headgear, of course, and morning mask marks not so bad. Recommend highly. Pricey, but worth it to me.

Reviewed on 09/08/2017
No snore no more
South Carolina
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