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3B Medical Luna CPAP Machine with Integrated H60 Heated Humidifier

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Luna CPAP Machine with H60 Heated Humidifier


The Luna CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier is a fixed pressure machine that delivers a constant pressure to the user throughout the night. The Luna CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier also offers many comfort features like Ramp and Reslex to ease the pressure for the user when they inhale and exhale.


  • Integrated Heated Humidifier Included: The Integrated Heated Humidifier has 5 levels of humidification. Level 1 offers the lowest level of humidification, while Level 5 is the highest level of humidification.

The Luna Humidifier marks the level of humidification you are using with blue lights. If you put it on level 4, for example, there will be 4 blue lights that will be displayed so you can easily see what level you are using, if you decide to not use any humidification then there will be no lights on at all. The display is very user-friendly and easy to read.

  • Pressure Relief Comfort: Reslex was designed to help users adjust as they exhale during sleep therapy. When you use this feature it automatically begins to soften the exhalation. There are 3 settings to choose from, Level 1 reduces the exhalation with the least amount of change while level 3 offers the greatest reduction in pressure.

  • Ramp: The Ramp feature gradually builds to the prescribed pressure in increments of 5 minutes at a time. You simply turn the knob on the front of the machine to the amount of time you desire.

  • Display Screen: The Display Screen is a colorful 2.4in screen to help the user navigate through the menu to change settings or to view your sleep data. When a problem occurs there is an Alert Message that will display to notify the user.

  • Data Tracking: The screen displays information such as: compliance hours, average pressure, AHI, snore index, and leak rate. To download these results for further review, put the complete code into the iCode website or use the iCode app on your smartphone to register the QR code located on the machine’s display.

  • iCode Connect™: a cloud-based patient management portal, iCode Connect™ replaces modem use by allowing a DME to configure any patient for auto-dial. Using interactive voice recognition (IVR), iCode Connect will automatically dial each patient and walk them through self-reporting compliance data. iCode Connect is the only self-populating patient management database that is absolutely free and not dependent on modems.

iCode Connect™ integrates with 3B’s free smartphone app, which makes treating sleep disorder patients easier and more efficient. The iCode Connect’s™ web portal also archives patient sleep data. In addition to capturing all sleep reports, iCode Connect™ also acts as an easy and convenient way for physicians and home medical equipment suppliers to trade patient notes, maintain prescription information and monitor patient progress.


  • Luna CPAP Machine
  • Luna Heated Humidifier
  • Side Cover
  • Reusable Foam Filter (2)
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • SD Memory Card
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Quick Operation Manual
Warranty Machine 2 year, Humidifier 1 year
Special User Features Pressure Relief comfort, iCode Data Tracking, Integrated Heated Humidifier
Ramp Time 0-60 minutes
Altitude Adjustment 10,000 ft
Electrical Requirements AC Power: 100-240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 2.0 A max
Weight Luna™ CPAP with Humidifier: 5.5 lbs
Machine weight only Luna™ CPAP: 3.3 lbs
Insurance Code(s) E0601,E0562
Pressure Range Fixed between 4 - 20cm H2O (0.5 increments)
Dimensions Luna™ CPAP with Humidifier: 11.4 in L x 7.7 in W x 5.3 in H
MSRP $349.00  You Save: 8.6%

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Luna 3 B Cpap machine with humidifier

I am happy with the 3B Luna Cpap machine, however I did not get the user manual or quick operation manual. There have some occasions that a bell type ring has gone off on it.. As you're facing the machine the button that is on the bottom right corner that has a bell on it with a line through that is blinking. Can you tell me what this means?

Reviewed on 09/16/2018
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