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SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

$299.00 msrp $348.00 plus FREE shipping

Low Price Guarantee - FREE Adapter! The SoClean 2 is an automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. With the SoClean 2, you can sanitize and disinfect your CPAP mask, hose and reservoir without needing to take any piece of the mask apart.

18 Reviews

SoClean Cartridge Filter Kit – SoClean 2

$30.00 Best price

This Cartridge Filter Kit includes one replacement filter and one replacement check valve for the SoClean 2. The filter and check valve should be replaced every six months.

11 Reviews

SoClean Respironics System One & DreamStation Adapter

$20.00 Best price

This adapter is necessary to ensure that the Philips Respironics System One or DreamStation continues to function properly while the user’s CPAP system is connected to the SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer.

12 Reviews

SoClean ResMed S9 ClimateLine Heated Hose Adapter

$20.00 Best price

This adapter is necessary to use the SoClean with a ResMed S9 with a heated hose.

3 Reviews

SoClean 2 Go CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

$179.00 msrp $248.00 plus FREE shipping

SoClean 2 Go is the ideal travel component for any CPAP patient. SoClean 2 Go effectively sterilizes and cleans your CPAP equipment getting rid of 99.9% of mold, bacteria and viruses.

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SoClean CPAP Wipes

$9.99 msrp $12.99

These 100% pure cotton, natural SoClean CPAP Wipes are specially formulated to remove dirt, grease, oils, and other organic residue from your mask and equipment without the use of harmful chemicals.

Sunset Healthcare CPAP Mask Wipes

$9.95 msrp $14.99

Sunset Healthcare CPAP mask cleaning wipes allow you to easily wipe away the facial oil build up your mask cushion as well as any other residue that may prevent your mask from providing a good seal.

SoClean Fisher & Paykel Icon Adapter

$20.00 Best price

This adapter is necessary to use the SoClean with a Fisher & Paykel ICON™ with a heated hose.

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SoClean 2 Go Power Kit w/ AC & DC Adapters

$39.00 msrp $54.00 Save 27%

SoClean 2 Go Power Kit - everything you need to run your SoClean 2 Go without batteries.

SoClean Neutralizing Pre-Wash (8oz)

$18.00 Best price

The SoClean pre-wash is a special fragrance-free hypoallergenic cleansing solution for your CPAP equipment. It is strongly recommended that you use the SoClean pre-wash (or a fragrance-free dish soap) anytime you hand wash your CPAP equipment.

SoClean Adapter for Transcend & Z1 Travel CPAPs

$12.00 msrp $14.00 Save 14%

The SoClean adapter for the Transcend & Z1 is a special fitting designed to connect a Transcend CPAP model or a Z1 CPAP model to the SoClean.

SoClean Fisher & Paykel 600 Series Adapter

$19.00 msrp $28.00 Save 32%

This adapter is necessary to use the SoClean with a Fisher & Paykel 600 Series with a heated hose.

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Sleep therapy patients may wonder how frequently they should clean CPAP masks and other gear. Sleep Direct's founder and Board Certified Sleep Physician, Dr. Dan Root, provides some simple guidelines for cleaning your CPAP therapy equipment. He suggests patients clean CPAP masks and cushions every other day, while humidifiers should be cleaned every week, with CPAP hoses and tubing cleaned at least once every month. Keep your CPAP equipment clean with the CPAP cleaners and cleaning products available at Sleep Direct.